AGS Survey Notes Strength of Printed Guest Guides

Campers are increasingly using AGS Guest Guides to identify products and services that improve or even extend their stays, according to a recent survey of 1,200 RVers.

AGS noted in a press release that 72% of RVers said they used at least one product or service promoted in AGS Guest Guides last year, a 6% increase over the figures recorded in a similar survey in 2021.

Sixty-two percent of RVers also told AGS that products and services featured in the guides either improved or resulted in an extension of their stay at the campground, RV park or resort where they picked up an AGS Guest Guide, a 7% increase over 2021 figures.

These statistics were based on an online survey of 1,200 RVers, which was conducted in late 2022.

“We are very pleased with these results because they demonstrate the value that AGS Guest Guides provide for privately owned and operated parks across the U.S. and Canada,” said Brian Schaeffer, AGS’s president and CEO.

He said the survey also found that AGS Guest Guides are used across all age groups, reflecting the increasingly diverse age ranges of RVers. The ages of the AGS Guest Guide survey participants break down as follows:

Ages: Percentage Using the Guide

  • 18-34 — 23
  • 35-49 — 21%
  • 50-64 — 36%
  • 65+ — 20%

AGS normally provides the guides for free because AGS sales reps team up with park operators to identify the best local restaurants, dog groomers, RV repair shops, urgent care facilities and other local services and attractions that RVers/campers need and who would benefit from exposure in the guides, noted the release. When the AGS sales teams secure enough advertising to cover the cost of producing each guide, which is usually the case, park operators receive the printed guides at no cost.

AGS also provides park operators with AGS Loyalty Dollars when a targeted amount of advertising is secured. Those loyalty dollars can be used to purchase everything from rack cards to uniform shirts, advertising, promo items and even quality-of-life experiences for park owners and staff.

Based in Crowley, Texas, AGS publishes over two million guest guides (site maps) annually in the U.S. and Canada using environmentally friendly recycled paper and soy-based ink. Texas Advertising Company Inc. acquired the 36-year-old company, AGS, from Good Sam Enterprises LLC in 2011. For more information about AGS, visit its website at