AGS Rocks

Sue Alkire
America’s Best Campground, Branson, MO

“The quality of their product is always superb, and I love the one-on-one attention I get when I need some assistance. They care about my business, and that is important to me.”

-Sue Alkire

Elyse & Joan
Bar Harbor RV Park & Marina

“We had our best experience yet working with Candace. She was well prepared and considerate of my time during our busy season. Candace was also extremely organized and self-motivated. She was able to get new advertisers we thought were unobtainable.”

– Candace Agnew with two lovely ladies from Bar Harbor RV Park & Marina, Elyse and her mother Joan. #AGSRocks

Jerry & Becky
Beluga Lookout Lodge & RV Park

“AGS follows through with what they say they are going to. The reps are pleasant, easy to work with, and friendly. And, I am highly satisfied with my guides.”

– Sales rep Doran Gipson with Jerry and Becky, managers of Beluga Lookout Lodge and RV Park in Kenai, AK. #AGSRocks

  • Christy Kuper - Thunder Bay KOA #AGSROCKS

    When greeted on the telephone by AGS head office “this is the best day ever”, that in itself shows the enthusiasm, efficiency and the personable company AGS is to work with! Our AGS reps prove year after year to produce our guest guides & our rack cards, bright, attractive, and informational! We are pleased to have AGS represent us when collecting advertisers in our community!
  • Beverley Malouin (Manager)- Royal Coachman #AGSROCKS

    "We have been working with AGS for a long time, and have been very pleased with our relationship. The guide we receive from them is the piece of information our many guests request the most, and we use it heavily in our marketing packets. The quality of the guide is high, and it is both attractive and simple which makes it easy to use. The AGS representative we have worked with has partnered us with many of the local businesses, to both their benefit and ours. Our guests are happy to have the guide as a quick reference for local contractors, vendors and restaurants. The company is a pleasure to work with, and we plan to continue our relationship with them in the future."
  • Amanda Wyant - Rondout Valley - Accord, NY #AGSROCKS

    "Our AGS Reps are amazing! They are very thorough, and kept me informed about all the advertisers. The whole process was simple, easy and timely- they take care of everything. Our new guides look great- I especially like the attention to detail that the guide shows."
  • Len Bieber - Oasis Las Vegas RV Resort #AGSROCKS

    "I highly recommend AGS. Their professionalism is great. Service is great as well. We deal with people who care. The product is fantastic and far exceeds our expectations."
  • Espenia - Thousand Trails Orlando #AGSROCKS

    "AGS does a great job. Everything is made easy. They just take it and reach out to the advertisers. Their Follow up is great. The Graphics and words are wonderful. It's an easy and great experience. We are in love with our new maps".
  • Mike Elveston - A+ Motel & RV Park #AGSROCKS

    "AGS is very professional. Very easy to work with and very quick to meet my needs".
  • John Kilgore - Greenleaf State Park #AGSROCKS

    "Working with AGS over all is a great experience. Our reps are very personable and very effective communicators. They certainly know their business. They are very pleasant to work with. They do what they say, and follow up. It's an effective tool to engage the public in the community and helps the businesses that advertise".
  • Moses Daniel - Golden Nugget RV Park #AGSROCKS

    "AGS is a very good company to work with-very punctual. They get things done on time.I would highly recommend them."
  • Jay Saucedo - Los Angeles / Pomona / Fairplex KOA #AGSROCKS

    "I love the flexibility we have with AGS. They do anything we need within the KOA guidelines. They either have the solution, or they find it."
  • Gwenn West - Pine Island Resort KOA #AGSROCKS

    "The professionalism and the ease of working with AGS, made the experience far superior than our former vendor. I asked that the map be bigger. They were able to make it bigger, and easier to read. I also like the way the vendors are incorporated into the middle of the guide. It looks really great."
  • Connie Grade - Portland-Woodburn RV Park #AGSROCKS

    "The AGS reps are professional and easy to work with, and they provide us with a quality that is well received by our customers."
  • Jeff Jensen - Pleasant Harbor RV Resort #AGSROCKS

    "The professionalism and customer service provided by AGS is top notch. If you need any sort of brochure, I recommend them you go through them!"
  • Barb Marko #AGSROCKS

    "The communication with the rep and staff is great. Everyone was always very helpful, and they got right back with me. My new guides look awesome! The colors are crisp. I really like the new smaller size, and everything is still easy to read."

  • Alex Walker - Rock Springs / Green River KOA Journey #AGSROCKS

    "I like the efficiency of the process of working with AGS, and the quality of the products we receive. They create a great guide for our guest and staff."
  • Brent Andrews - Huntington / Fox Fire KOA #AGSREPS

    "AGS has such professionalism in the presentation of the Guest Guide Booklet that totally separates them from anyone else out there. I am amazed at how quickly they get it to us, it is wonderful!"

  • Ed Hillenbrand #AGSREPS

    "Working with AGS has been a fantastic experience and the maps they provide are detailed and easy to read. Working with AGS has been a great experience all the way around."

  • Denise Graham - Ghost Mountain RV Ranch #AGSREPS

    "I really enjoyed working with the experienced AGS reps. They were always easily accessible and ready to help. I am thoroughly happy with the product that was produced and so are our members and guests."
  • Lisa Fisher - Gettysburg Battlefiled Resort #AGSREPS

    "We had a great experience with AGS. The Reps are very personable. Even Though I know they go to a ton of properties, While they were here we were their priority. We were the most important people at that time. I like our new guides and all our campers like the new setup of our guides better. It works well."
  • Lynne Stiebe - Pandion Ridge RV Resort #AGSREPS

    Our AGS reps were just wonderful, really beyond fantastic. They kept me informed of their successes, challenges and thought processes while marketing our guide. AGS has the ability to take our ideas and our architectural rendering and make it into a usable, viable and top-notch map. They made it beautiful and functional; I would highly recommend them."

Glenda Morrison
Cross Winds Family Campground

“I know I am going to get a quality product, and I wouldn’t expect anything else from AGS. Our reps are outstanding, and willing to do anything to satisfy our needs. We get our guides and everything in a very timely manner just like we are used to.”

– Glenda Morrison

Brad & Wendee Patterson
La Junta KOA Journey

“We had a wonderful experience with our reps. They are very professional, communicate well, and work with me on the changes on the guide.” 

  TVR with Brad and Wendee Patterson of La Junta KOA Journey #AGSRocks

Pat Childers
Lake Conroe KOA

“Dealing with AGS is like your family is coming to take care of you. The guides work great, and everything is where it should be.” 

– Pat Childers Lake Conroe KOA at the KOA show – wine glasses made with their logo! — with Lake Conroe / Houston North KOA 

Olympic Peninsula KOA

Olympic Peninsula KOA

“The rep was there to meet our needs; they went after new advertisers, and even got some we wouldn’t have considered. They worked with our professional photographer, one of my vendors and got his pictures in the brochure. Over all it was stress free. I am excited about our guides. Each year, it gets better and better than the year before.”


Star Valley Ranch Resort

Tim Stewart
Star Valley Ranch Resort

“We have been with AGS for a while and we’ve been very, very pleased. They produce a beautiful product. The graphics are really good. It is a very useful tool that helps us in our business. The reps have always been a pleasure to work with.” 

– Bob Pearse with Tim Stewart, manager of Star Valley Ranch Resort Owners & Guests #AGSRocks