AGS Rocks

Eric and Allison Kelley
Hadley's Point Campground

We did not have a Guest Guide for 38 Years.  Then AGS came to see us.  I am so proud of the product and the way they market my campground.

-Allison Kelley

Steve & Terri Foster
Timberline Valley RV Resort

Terri and I are former AGS Reps that fell in love with Timberline Valley RV Resort. We updated their Guest Services Guide until we purchased the resort. We have noticed a great improvement with AGS since Texas Advertising purchased it. Not only are the reps, Nathan and Sherrie Strite, well informed on what is going on, AGS has implemented enticing incentive programs along with tools to help our business grow. We are pleased with AGS hosting our website. We have car hang tags that have increased our pizza advertiser’s delivery service (he purchased the entire space for his ad). He is here several times a day, now. AGS ROCKS!

             – Steve & Terri Foster

Scott Jacobson
Denver East Strasburg KOA

As new KOA Campground owners, we were very pleased to have chosen AGS as our “campground map maker” this year. The sales team gave us some great ideas on how to layout the guide. We feel like our guides are just what we were looking for and we look forward to working with AGS again this coming year.

             – Scott Jacobson

  • Deborah Christensen Timberline Campground, Waukee, Iowa

    Our Reps were very efficient and businesslike in their approach. After we received our maps the follow up from our Reps was just as efficient.
  • Lana Olympic Peninsula/Port Angeles KOA

    We had fabulous AGS reps who got us great local advertising and helped us develop a whole new look for our campground brochure/map. The art department worked with us until it was perfect. Thanks AGS!!!
  • George Dyer (Guide Advertiser)

    I have just received the Guest Services Guide in the mail. I just wanted to let you know that I love the ad! It looks great and we are happy with the quality of the Guide. Thanks for all you do!
  • Capitol KOA

    I like the new Loyalty Cash. I ordered another $750 worth of merch!
  • Elizabeth Buchanan-Beegle / Harbour Village Resort

    You all have been so friendly and patient with us, you are at the top of our list for advertising needs =)
  • Dave Knapp, CEO of Carefree RV Resorts

    We would also like to thank you for your valuable contributions to making the success we are having possible. I believe we all know the hard work that goes into achieving even moderate results in this economy. What we have been able to do is a tribute to you and your team working with our people in concert and with a clear vision of what needs to be done to achieve success and the ability to execute that vision.
  • Keith Stachurski – Virginia Beach KOA

    The whole company was AWESOME and am real happy with what AGS is doing.
  • Laurie Miller, Braunig Lake RV Resort – San Antonio, TX

    We are "Happy Happy Happy" at BLRV with our new Guest Services Guides, wall board with advertisers' info and the rules you have printed for us. Thank you so much. We love working with AGS for all our products and business needs.
  • Kathy Peters, Carefree Pleasant Lake – Bradenton, FL

    This letter is one of appreciation for the wonderful brochure your company produced for Pleasant Lake RV Resort. It is our main advertising piece used here because it has everything wrapped in a perfect sized package: pictures, amenities map, guest information, geographic location and advertisers – great job!!
  • Lou Mack, Skyline Ranch – Bandera, TX

    AGS has provided a excellent site map for Skyline Ranch RV Park for several years. Our Sales Representatives do a great job of searching out supporters for advertising on our maps. The Maps provide a good source of information about what is in Bandera for our customers.

Rebecca Brink
Pleasant Harbor

I was asked to let you know what a fabulous job our representatives did on our guide. Fred and Jean made my experience with AGS effortless.

-Rebecca Brink

David Masarik, Louisville South KOA

AGS – Great People!

– David Masarik

Quail Springs RV

Larry and Nancy, it’s been a delight and I hope you keep coming back for years. Chris was great to work with for our website.

– Johnny from Quail Springs RV