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Are your campground guests staying at their site all day? Of course not! Campgrounds are not motels, they are home bases for visitors to your community. How are you delivering that important information? Many campgrounds provide a guide or map of the area that not only has important information about the park (map, rules, etc) but also information about the area. It could be campground-approved mobile techs, restaurants that have been frequented by the staff and more. According to a year-long reader survey of campground guides, did you know 70% of readers of those kinds of guides used one of the businesses that were highlighted in a campground guide? More so, 60% of those same readers said the businesses in that guide improved or even extended their stay at the campground they were in. That’s an incredible number! Three-out-of-five of your customers had a better or longer time after using one of the businesses in your guide.

And don’t forget your very own information. That same survey referenced above shows 82% of campers kept the campground information after they left the campground. Are you making it easy for your campers to re-book with you? What about specials if you refer a friend? Give them a reason to come back and nudge them in that direction. They’re already keeping your literature handy – use it!


A Company You Can Trust

Finding an excellent publishing company isn’t just about claims of exposure or numbers that can be thrown at you during a sales pitch. It’s about finding a marketing company like AGS who provides quality work and conducts all business with integrity. You don’t have to sort through our website wondering what makes sense. We don’t offer good-sounding clever gimmicks to customers, because we don’t have to.

According to one company, you’re practically guaranteed to get traffic because they claim to have 45,000 visits every month, and who wouldn’t want to be part of an audience like that? This claim seemed too good to be true so TXAD looked at a park’s website we host that is featured on this site and used Google Analytics – a tool to evaluate clicks and where they come from. We didn’t find a single click to the park’s website from their banner ad on this self-proclaimed industry powerhouse. So, the claim of 45,000 monthly visitors to their website isn’t doing this park any good. Here at AGS we want to caution campground and RV park owners against broad promises that sound really good but don’t really deliver.

In our web division, TXAD Internet builds, hosts and maintains SEO-friendly websites established with responsive design, allowing your campground website to be viewable on every device. Our knowledge of Google standards and SEO boost search results, which brings more actual visitors to your website.

If a claim seems too good to be true, look before you leap. Pick a company you can trust. AGS publishes over two million environmentally friendly guest guides (site maps) annually in the U.S. and Canada.

  • Alan Wallace, Williston Crossings RV Resort

    "AGS is much better than the competition. I've been in the RV industry for 30 years and own 4 parks. AGS is hands-down above their competitors."
  • Tom Weeden, Pacific Dunes Ranch RV Resort

    "Our AGS reps were great and so easy to work with. We got to use photos from our park, so we got a personalized product. We ended up with a much better product and we got our maps in a timely manner. It was just perfect."
  • Wilfred Korth, Coleto Creek Park & Reservoir

    "The best part about working with AGS is their consistency on everything, from the professionalism of the reps and the way they deal with the advertisers to getting a quality product in a timely manner."
  • Tonya Holden, Navarre Beach Campground

    "The best part about working with AGS is that I can call y'all at anytime and y'all do whatever is needed to get us what we need or to make something right."
  • Manager, Houston Leisure RV Resort

    "We've been with AGS for years and they always do a very good job. I also received my jackets purchased with my loyalty credit and I was really impressed with them."
  • Dawn Strange, Gulf Coast RV Resort

    "AGS is very professional. The accuracy and proofing is great. We love our little booklets. They are just a great company overall. I give them an A+!"
  • Tina Baker, Alamo Fiesta Rv Resort

    "AGS does a really good job! I appreciate their promptness when getting our new guides. They are people that are concerned with getting what we need when we need it."
  • Manager, Abilene KOA

    "The sales reps had above and beyond customer service. They built a rapport in the area and were beyond easy to do business with. I'm so thrilled with how everything turned out!"
  • Randy Atkinson, Western Way RV Resort

    "The overall experience with AGS was very good. The reps suggested a map insert this year, which helps out our clients immensely! All the products are fantastic!"

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