AGS Rocks the Environment

AGS publishes over two million guest guides annually in the U.S. and Canada and prevents negative effects on the environment at the same time. Many print companies use paper that isn’t recycled and petroleum-based ink that can hurt animals, nature and people, but AGS Rocks the Environment and uses all eco-friendly materials.

Petroleum-based ink might be effective, but it also contains a high amount of volatile organic compounds (or VOCs) such as toluene, benzene and xylene. Those chemicals are harmful to nature, wildlife and people, and some of those VOCs are considered carcinogens. AGS uses completely soy-based ink, which is an excellent alternative to oil-based ink. It creates brighter, more vibrant colors that make your branding pop. Soy-based ink is made entirely from soybeans and other natural ingredients like resins and waxes. The ink prints clearer than petroleum-based inks and is much more cost-effective. 

Soy-based ink also allows paper to be easily recycled. Of course, all of our paper is recycled, whether we’re producing park maps or park information guides. Paper pollution is taking a serious toll on the quality of our air and water, and AGS Rocks as we do our part to limit the damage by finding another way.

Many customers choose us for their Internet and publishing needs because we go a step above competitors by truly caring about our clients and our world.