Survey finds campers to be very satisfied and making great use of guest guides

Most campers find that AGS guest guides not only enhance their current camping experience but serve as an important resource they’ll hang on to even after they’ve left the park, making them a marketing tool. That’s the gist of the latest online survey of nearly 1,000 campers who recently used AGS guest guides, which highlight local restaurants, RV repair shops, dog groomers and area attractions of interest to campground and RV park guests.
“We were very pleased, but not surprised by the results of our latest survey,” said Brian Schaeffer, president and CEO of AGS Guest Guides. Results of the survey, which asked five questions, are listed as follows:
Did you find that the park information in the guide to be helpful during your stay?

  • 98.8% of respondents said “yes.”

Did you use one or more of the businesses / services in the guide during your stay?

  • 68.7% of respondents said “yes.”

Did any of the products or services in the guide improve and/or expand your stay?

  • 58.9% of respondents said “yes.”

Do you maintain some park guides like these for reference after you have left the park?

  • 81.9% of respondents said “yes.

Schaeffer said parks hand out the printed guides to their guests when they check in – an important first phase of ‘hospitality.’ The guides typically include site maps, park rules and regulations as well as info about essential services as well as fun things to see and do in the area.

AGS normally provides the guides for free because AGS sales reps team up with park operators to identify the best local restaurants, dog groomers, RV repair shops, urgent care facilities and other local services and attractions that RVers / campers need and who would benefit from exposure in the guides. When the AGS sales teams secure enough advertising to cover the cost of producing each guide, which is usually the case, park operators receive the printed guides at no cost.