AGS Sees 15% Jump in Demand for Campground and RV Park Guides

AGS said it is seeing record demand for its guest guides with a 15 percent increase in campgrounds and RV parks requesting the guides across the U.S.

“This is unprecedented for us. We have already printed nearly 1 million guest guides in the first quarter alone,” said Brian Schaeffer, president and CEO of AGS, noting that his company now produces guest guides for nearly 1,000 private parks across the U.S.

But while the jump in demand is welcome news for AGS, the company also surveyed campers who use the guides in March and found that the products and services advertised in the guides not only improve the quality of guest stays, but that the awareness of such products and services, from restaurants to doctors and dog groomers, can actually prompt guests to extend their stays.

“This was the most valuable finding in the survey,” Schaeffer said, adding that 55 percent of survey respondents said the products and services advertised in their guides “improved or extended their stay.”

AGS said it was also surprised to learn that 85 percent of survey respondents said they actually hold on to their guest guides for future reference after they leave the park. “This demonstrates that most guests see lasting value in the guest guides we produce for campgrounds and RV parks across the country,” Schaeffer said.