November 2012: AGS Client Marketing Newsletter

Super-size your guide!

Ever wish you could get just one more area event in your guest guide or just a little larger park layout? Now you can – just super-size it!

AGS clients always have the option to ‘super-size’ their product. Super-sized multipage formats are now 9-by-12 inches in size (up from 8.5-by-11 inches), while super-sized booklets are now 6 5/8-by-9 3/8 inches (up from 6 3/8-by-8 3/4). That equates to 15 percent more space, per page.

Several parks have already commented how useful it is to have space for a bigger font, especially for their older customers. There’s also more space for those larger property layouts.

Wouldn’t you do anything you can reasonable do for your customers, especially if it’s free? To learn more about AGS products, visit the new or call 877-518-1989 today! Don’t forget to like us on Facebook too!