AGS/TXAD March 2016 Update

Let AGS drive traffic to your website!
No matter what websites claim to drive traffic to your website, no site will be able to match the strength of Google. Google is so common and popular it’s become a verb – can’t find the information you need? Google it! 
The same goes for the campground industry. Campground-specific search engines will claim that they have thousands of campgrounds listed and thousands or even millions of visitors but the simple truth is Google will still be at the top of your analytics.
So is there anything you, Mr. or Ms. Campground Operator can do to increase your standing on Google? There is and AGS is here to get you there.
It’s called Google AdWords and while you may not be familiar with the term, there’s no doubt you’ve come across them before. Those listings at the top of your Google search that say ‘Sponsored’ are Google AdWords at work. A company bid the term you used so it would show up at the top of the page. All businesses do this and campgrounds are no different. If you’re in Las Vegas, a popular one would be ‘Las Vegas RV park’ to insure you showed up higher than your competitors. 
Even better is AGS can get your AdWords campaign started as soon as today! If you’re not a current AGS customer, contact us at or 817-426-9395 to ask how you can get FREE Google AdWords credit and start bidding on the terms most important to your customers. If you’re a current AGS customer, Google AdWords is now part of the Loyalty Program given to AGS customers. AGS continues to be the only guest guide company to offer cutting-edge marketing products and services to its customers to improve their bottom line. 
Google AdWords is another Hyper-Digital aspect that AGS customers are eligible to utitlize. If you want to upgrade your guest guide package and marketing to HD, visit the newly re-designed to get started!
Have you heard the only podcast that covers campground issues? Guests provide valuable insight on campground operators from all facets of the industry. The latest episodes include:
Episode 8 – Consultant Joe Moore talks about bringing on a campground consultant and what to look for when hiring one. 
Episode 9 – Don Bennett of Campground Owners of New York talks about the importance of state campground associations and their benefits. 
Episode 10 – Mike Gurevich of Cherry Hill Parks talks about tapping into local tourist spots along with the challenges of offering weddings. 
Episode 11 – Carolyn Strong of Sundermeier RV Park talks about her family’s beginnings as campground operators and the big changes she’s seen as well as anticipates. 
AGS opens doors on new facility!
“It has been a pleasure to work with AGS on the completion of our guest guides and postcards. I appreciate that you listened to my concerns of what I wanted our guides to look like and the changes that were made. I highly recommend your services to any and all business owners.” – Robin Ledford, Destiny Dallas RV Resort
Don’t be out of sight, out of mind
Establishing a loyal customer base is essential for every business. That’s why TXAD Internet taps into this need in the digital age through superior email marketing. With TXAD, it’s more than an email blast; it’s an update for your loyal customers, inviting them back to your campground or RV park.

The number-one source of business for any company is repeats and referrals. With email marketing, your RV park or campground will stay top-of-mind for every customer. We live in a society run by technology, with many mobile-device users. We are constantly checking social media, the Internet and our email. TXAD understands this culture and targets emails to those customers who have already visited and loved your park.

Each email will have a specific goal in mind. Our emails update customers on new amenities, new buildings, special rates ideas for the holidays or just a heart-felt hello. TXAD sticks to a schedule, because we follow through on our word. Much like our blogging service, TXAD understands the importance of staying actively engaged with customers. Our emails are efficient and engaging, so they don’t take too much of the reader’s time, but still draw their interest.

With analytics, TXAD can track how many clicks an email receives. Our superior monitoring provides you insight into your business. Let us help you make the best marketing decisions and develop a strategy to those loyal customers know how much you appreciate them. If you would like more information about email marketing, call TXAD Internet at 877-518-1989 or visit our website.
Ever Think About Becoming a KOA?

At KOA, we believe that you should be in business for yourself – not by yourself. That’s why joining KOA really is entering into a partnership. We respect our business partners’ knowledge and never stop learning from their experiences. Our goal is to help you succeed, which means we’re dedicated to promoting your campground, making your daily operations easier, and helping you grow your business.

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“It is easy to call and get in touch with someone in the office who can answer your question. They are ready to help you and are very informative. I asked for an update on our website that they manage and the update was made with in 24 hours. THANK YOU BRADEN!!!” – Laurie Miller, Braunig Lake RV Resort
Braden Walker, Web Director