AGS/TXAD September 2015

AGS Guest Area Guides
Content is king! You’ve probably been hearing that a lot lately when it comes to your website but what about your guest guide? AGS has been working with industry leaders such as KOA and Thousand Trails to create more user-friendly guides for customers at any park across the country. Why would you give 4-5 ads to your site map company to promote themselves, their app, or their podcast when you can work with a company that is only interested in helping your customers? Visit to see samples of a superior product with amazing content that will help you keep your customers longer and spend more money with you!
Concrete / Grandy Creek KOA – Concrete, WA
New Clients

Knowing the people and their system was great, They continued to communicate even after they left as to where we were in the process.
Laurie – Braunig Lake RV Resort, San Antonio, TX
TXAD Internet Services
A park can have a great website, but it’s not going to generate much business if people can’t find it quickly on a search engine. Google, and others, have raised the bar and developed sophisticated search tools that enable them to sort the stagnant websites from websites that are constantly being loaded with fresh content. Specifically, Google is actively rewarding websites that are mobile-friendly.

TXAD Internet offers Search Engine Optimization (SEO) services, which enable park operators to not only update their websites, but to develop content strategies that can help them achieve higher rankings on Google searches.
TXAD Internet Services specializes in web design, SEO, and all things online marketing related. For your FREE SEO report or more information, go to or call 817-426-9395.
Ever Think About Becoming a KOA?

At KOA, we believe that you should be in business for yourself – not by yourself. That’s why joining KOA really is entering into a partnership. We respect our business partners’ knowledge and never stop learning from their experiences. Our goal is to help you succeed, which means we’re dedicated to promoting your campground, making your daily operations easier, and helping you grow your business.

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Braden is just the easiest person to work with, both from a personality standpoint and a technical standpoint. I have learned so much from him!

– Phil Gardner – Jojoba Hills SKP RV Resort


Braden Walker, Web Director