Easy-to-Read Signs From AGS Boost Customer Experience

Fall is right around the corner, but the sun is still shining! There’s still time to get your campground or RV park ready for the new season. Do you have everything you need to direct guests around your park?

AGSSignOur new product is a park map that plugs into the wall and illuminates. This 17” by 24” sign is easy to see, especially after hours when guests need to find their way around your park. Keep this sign hidden from the elements, and you’ll extend its shelf life. You can even use your loyalty credit on it!

The park map will include a layout with directional information and landmarks. Guests driving through will be able to read it easily and find their way, boosting their satisfaction. AGS produces thousands of environmentally friendly guest guides and park maps, so we’re experts on what works for RV parks. We establish branding across all park elements, which means your park name will be easily identifiable and associated with customer loyalty.

Make sure your park is equipped with powerful marketing tools and easy-to-read signage to boost customer satisfaction. AGS designs and maintains thousands of Internet and print campaigns for clients all across the U.S. and Canada. To read more about AGS and the services we offer, visit our website or Facebook page.