AGS Creates Environmentally Friendly Materials

AGS isn’t just an advertising company. AGS does more for its customers, from ensuring customer satisfaction to keeping up with changes in marketing and technology. AGS Rocks, and dares to take it a step further, thinking of the beautiful planet we live on.


recycleAGS truly rocks for the environment. With increasing negative effects of paper pollution on our air and water quality, AGS is looking forward to future generations and doing their part to secure a better world for our children to grow up in. Here at AGS, we use recycled paper on all of our materials, from park maps to park information pages. We also print with soy-based ink. This option is more environmentally friendly than petroleum-based ink and makes it easier to recycle paper. It also allows us to print with more accurate colors, making your logos and photos vibrant.


Our customer-first approach and attention to detail are what truly set AGS apart. Customers choose us for Internet and publishing needs, and we deliver even more with products they can feel great about using. We value our customers’ thoughts and opinions and open ourselves to your feedback.


So choose a company that does more, for you and for the environment. AGS publishes over two million environmentally friendly guest guides (site maps) annually in the U.S. and Canada. For more information about AGS, visit our website.