AGS Supports Animal Rescue

AGS gives back to the community every year, raising thousands of dollars for charities that do everything from ministering to people, to caring for animals and researching cures for disease. Since the inception of the AGS Cares program, the company has donated over $70,000 to deserving charities.

puppiesThis year, AGS is donating to qualified parks’ charities of choice. Our first recipient was nominated by Nature’s Own RV Park in Kingsville. AGS donated to Animal Rescue Kleberg, a nonprofit organization dedicated to rescuing and caring for abandoned or abused animals. Guests can adopt these animals and offer them the forever homes they’ve been missing.

This isn’t the first AGS donation to benefit our four-legged friends. Last year AGS contributed to Operation Kindness, a no-kill shelter in North Texas. The organization cares for homeless animals, offering a no-kill environment until each furry friend is adopted. The organization advocates humane values and behavior, and AGS supported their mission with a generous donation.

We also donated to Dogs for the Deaf, a program that professionally trains dogs to enhance the lives of people with hearing loss, autism and other physical challenges. AGS looks forward to contributing to more animal-friendly causes, as well as supporting a variety of nonprofit organizations that make the world a better place.

Based in Crowley, Texas, AGS publishes over two million guest guides (site maps) annually in the U.S .and Canada using environmentally friendly recycled paper and soy-based ink. For more information about AGS, visit our website at