AGS Offers Versatile Marketing Materials for Every Size Park

Spring and summer are right around the corner, which means it’s time to start planning for warmer-weather visitors. AGS’ camping guides are free for parks, because our sales team acquires ads from local businesses. But in small towns, the options may be diminished. But worry not, AGS offers solutions for every kind of campground, no matter where you’re located.

popAGS’ PIPs are one-page, two-sided, four-color layouts that display a park map, rules and regulations.  This is the perfect alternative to a camping guide. Visitors will find these pages helpful in locating their specific campsite, and they can turn to the PIP for answers to common questions. How does it work? Your park map will be printed on one side, and your rules and regulations will be printed on the other. Guests can flip back and forth to find the information they are looking for.

You can also use PIPs to advertise products your campground wishes to distribute to customers. AGS offers this second option for purchase at an affordable price. You will still receive your PIP quicker than a larger guide, so it’s a win-win! Make sure your campground is ready for a busy camping season, as guests start to thaw out and seek the adventure of RVing, cabin lodging and tent camping.

AGS provides its customers with marketing results for an affordable price, designing and maintaining thousands of Internet and print campaigns for clients all across the U.S. To read more about AGS and the services we offer, visit our website or Facebook page.