Earn an Income While RVing

It’s the New Year, which means it’s the perfect time to think of new opportunities in your career. AGS invites you to join our team as an AGS Sales Representative.

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Hit the road with support to reach your goals. You can earn money on the road, and AGS gives you the tools you need to do well. Job benefits include commission from the first sale. AGS offers competitive compensation, rivaling others in the industry. We have customers waiting to work with professional sales people from our company.

AGS supports its sales representatives by pairing them with a professional team in the office and in the field. Our products are top-notch, and you will be proud to sell our packages and services.

To qualify for the sales representative position, you must be a full-time RVer with at least six months experience of full-timing or several years of RVing. One member of the team must have a sales or advertising background. Couples will work 12-15 two-week assignments per year. As a team, you’ll have the freedom to travel and enjoy RVing while making an income.

For more information about the position, a full list of qualifications and an online application, visit our website.