August 2012: AGS Client Marketing Newsletter

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Welcome to the NEW AGS!
If you’re receiving this newsletter, you’re a valued customer of AGS, TXAD Internet Services or both! As you probably know, AGS Guest Guide and Internet Services was purchased in June 2011 by Texas Advertising. Since the combined organizations have over 50 years experience in the industry, this newsletter is meant to provide FREE marketing information to our clients, both new and existing, so you can improve your bottom line. You’ll be hearing from us regularly on the latest and greatest in print and internet services to increase your business. We’d love to hear your thoughts or help you with your questions so don’t hesitate to give us a call, toll-free at 877-518-1989 or email us,


Taking advantage of new AGS products
Recently, we’ve added two more products to our array of options for RV parks and campgrounds around the country and into Canada including the booklet-tall.


The tall booklet is the same width as our booklet (6 3/8 inches) but as tall as the multipage format (11 inches) as opposed to the regular height of a booklet (8 ¾ inches). That means an additional 2 1/4 inches on each page or over 25 percent larger.


The product is perfect for those parks that prefer a smaller guest services guide but need just a little more space for their park rules or layout.


In addition to the booklet-tall, we also introduced what we call a cover roll-out. It’s the same size as our multipage format (8 1/2 inches X 11 inches) but with the cover rolling out to provide ample space for large park layouts without sacrificing space in the guest services guide.


“Typically, after the front office shows a customer to their site or cottage, that’s the last time they need the park layout in their guide,” AGS President Brian Schaeffer said. “With the cover roll-out option, parks can still direct customers where to go, then the customer can focus on the information they need during their stay such as the area map and things to see and do.”
To learn more about AGS products, visit or call 877-518-1989 today!


Website Navigation
Have you looked at your website lately? I mean really looked at it. Sure, we glance at it maybe every day. But have you looked closely at the information on there? What about the design? As a website service company, we see three types of customers when it comes to making changes on our clients websites. About 1/3 of our customers make changes frequently, maybe once a month. This information is not only the most timely but also great for search engines. The second group make changes moderately, maybe once a quarter. This covers rate changes, amenity upgrades, etc. This is great too so you’re not caught with last years information.


However, we also see about 1/3 of the websites we host showing now annual changes. And some don’t make changes at all and then are surprised when their information is outdated. Don’t let this happen to you. Think of your website as the online version of your business. You should constantly maintain and update your website as much as you do with your business. When you think of regular park maintenance include your website. Also, every time you add a new service, add it to the website.


In addition to the information on your website be sure to review the look and feel. Just like your park, you want it to look its best. Sometimes that means a new design or a fresh look. New styles are created all the time. Be sure to contact TXAD Internet Services the next time you see something online that you want to incorporate in your site.


If you need a new website design or would like TXAD to host your existing website or provide you a free website evaluation, please visit You can also contact website director Seth Morris at or at 877-518-1989.