AGS to supersize its guest guide products

CROWLEY, Texas — AGS Guest Guide Services announced today it is providing completely new products for RV parks and campgrounds to service their customers.


The 26-year old company is announcing the implementation of new, ‘super-sized’ versions of their directories that can’t be found anywhere else in the guest services guide industry, said Brian Schaeffer, AGS president.


“The goal is to provide even more options to RV parks and campgrounds should they feel that they’re not getting enough space from their guest services guide company for rules or a park layout,” he said.


When AGS first started, the standard size was no bigger than a regular piece of paper, 8.5-by-11-inches, with four pages called a multipage format. In fact, many companies still rely almost exclusively on this size, Schaeffer explained. But AGS diversified to a size of 6 3/8-by-8 3/4-inches to provide more flexibility for their customers and called it the booklet.


“There are some companies in our business that like to imitate,” said Schaeffer. “We prefer to innovate.”


“This larger format is so much better for our property with space for our larger park layout,” said Beth-Ann McCourt, manager at the 1000 Trails in Orlando, Fla., who will be receiving a super-sized multipage format. “It’s a real winner.”


Now, AGS clients have the option to ‘super-size’ their product. Super-sized multipage formats are now 9-by-12 inches in size, while super-sized booklets are now 6 5/8-by-9 3/8 inches. That equates to 11 percent more space, per page, for a booklet format and 15 percent more space per page for multipage formats.


“It will especially be helpful to our customers, a lot whom need a bigger font to read,” said Gena May, manager at Sherwood Forest RV Resort in Kissimmee, Fla., who is receiving a super-sized booklet format. “They will love this!”


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SOURCE: AGS Guest Guide Services press release