June 2012: AGS Client Marketing Newsletter

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Welcome to the NEW AGS!
If you’re receiving this newsletter, you’re a valued customer of AGS, TXAD Internet Services or both! As you probably know, AGS Guest Guide and Internet Services was purchased in June 2011 by Texas Advertising. This newsletter is meant to provide FREE marketing information to our clients, both new and existing, so you can improve your bottom line. You’ll be hearing from us regularly on the latest and greatest in print and internet services to increase your business. We’d love to hear your thoughts or help you with your questions so don’t hesitate to give us a call, toll-free at 877-518-1989 or email us, info@texasadvertising.net.


AGS Customer Loyalty Program
AGS has just introduced a great new program to reward its clients for their continued faith in AGS as well as growing their bottom line. It’s our AGS Customer Loyalty Program and its rewarding loyal AGS clients.


For those parks that qualify, you’ll start receiving a $250 credit towards any of our marketing services and products whether its print or online. This can include rack cards or post cards; websites; .mobi websites; blogging; press releases; laminated posters of your park and more! The best part is this credit keeps increasing year after year that you’re with AGS – all the way up to $500! It’s a no-brainer!


For more details, be sure to contact your marketing representative THIS YEAR to find out if you qualify and begin discussing your options and how you can improve your bottom line by choosing, and sticking, with AGS!


To see more of AGS, visit www.AGSPub.com or call 877-518-1989 today!


Google Analytics
Wouldn’t it be great to know where every single of your customers came from? Think of the possibility of knowing exactly which marketing purchases are working and which one’s aren’t. Think of knowing where they came from, how long they use your service, and what they like most about your business.


While it’s very difficult to find those answers in real life, it’s not on your web presence with Google Analytics. This free service can go on any website and track all of the information mentioned above so you know where your traffic is coming from. You can login and see if that link you purchased is working or if your association with an organization is resulting in traffic. This is a must have to better know your web presence and where your traffic comes from.


Additionally, this service is included in all TXAD Internet Services websites. While other companies may choose to charge you for their time in digesting and interpreting what those numbers mean, TXAD Internet Services includes this work in EVERY hosting package.


For questions or information on Google Analytics, hosting your existing website or upgrading your website please visit www.TXADInternet.com. You can also contact our website director Seth Morris at sethm@texasadvertising.net or at 877-518-1989.