AGS sets service delivery record in April

CROWLEY, Texas — AGS Guest Guide Services, a market leader in the guest guide / site map industry for 26 years, continues to provide high-quality products to clients in record time, the company announced today.


In April alone, AGS was able to provide free printed guest guides in under 60 days from the time sales teams complete their work, to nearly 90 percent of its customers.


“When we first purchased the company about a year ago, we made delivery times a priority and dozens of parks have switched to us. Other vendors simply provide maps later than they should,” said Brian Schaeffer, president of Texas Advertising which purchased AGS last year. “We made delivering the product in a timely fashion one of our top priorities.”


AGS Production Manager Karen Scott has implemented several procedures to insure a park receives proofs of their directory as quick as possible, often within 30 days to keep a job on the right track to being printed quickly. This  includes regular calls to the park along with monitoring the graphic artists AGS employs.


“Phone calls are a big part of what we do in production to make sure the job is done,” Scott said. “The communications between our parks and our artists is critical in getting the job done.”


In a recent email when his product finalized, Erik Sampson, operations manager at Paradise by the Sea, said, “I’m very pleased with the whole process. Great working with you.”


For more information on getting a guest directory / site map in under 60 days, contact General Manager Michael Moore at, call 817.426.9395or visit where samples can be viewed.


SOURCE: AGS Guest Guide Services press release