March 2012: AGS Client Marketing Newsletter

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Welcome to the NEW AGS!
If you’re receiving this newsletter, you’re a valued customer of AGS, TXAD Internet Services or both! Or you are part of an association that AGS supports. As you probably know, AGS Guest Guide and Internet Services was purchased in 2011 by Texas Advertising. This newsletter is meant to provide FREE marketing information to our clients, both new and existing, so you can improve your bottom line. You’ll be hearing from us regularly on the latest and greatest in print and internet services. We’d love to hear your thoughts or help you with your questions so don’t hesitate to give us a call, toll-free at 877-518-1989 or email us,


Give your customers information before they even get there!
Wouldn’t it be great to hand out your guest services guide to your customers BEFORE they get to your park? Not only would you be doing a huge service to your customers by giving them information about your park and area but also to your advertisers and the local community. Now you can!


All AGS clients that have their site map marketed by our sales representatives receive an online version of the guest services guide. It also features links to advertisers websites and flippable pages. When each AGS client’s map is printed, they receive a link to their online guide to put on their website. The website for Garden of the Gods in Colorado Springs, Colorado is an excellent example of the best way to utilize your online guide. Not surprisingly, hundreds of visitors to their webstie have taken advantage of seeing whats in the area or which site they might like to stay in upon their arrival.


As a FREE benefit of having your site map marketed by AGS there is no reason to not put this link up on your website and give your customers everything you can! Since May 20, 2011 we have had over 25,000 views of our online guist services guides.


Are you blogging?
You may have heard the term blog before but didn’t quite understand how it was different from a regular website. The best analogy I can use is this: imagine a potential customer calling your campground asking about the basics – rates, directions, amenities, etc. That is the role your standard website is playing. Now, what if you were to go deeper and tell them about all the events happening in the area or the renovations you’re undergoing? That would be the real-life version of a blog. A blog is constantly updated and is just streaming with information. This is a great way to keep your customers, both current and new, up to date.


Perhaps the most benefit from a blog, however, is the role it plays in your online marketing strategy. A blog essentially acts as a second website which means double the exposure online. Additionally, it creates more opportunities for visitors to find your website using key words. Plus, TXAD Internet does all the writing for you! Just work with our blogger on what you’d like to write about and you’ll start showing up higher and more often in website ‘searches’ in no time.


For example, Hill Country RV Resort in New Braunfels, Texas is close to a very popular water park called Schlitterbahn. Now, Schlitterbahn, like most other big corporations, will not accommodate links FROM their website. So we did the next best thing. We started blogging about it and using the keyword of Schlitterbahn several times. We wrote about them so much that if you Google ‘schlitterbahn,’ the blog for Hill Country RV Resort shows up on the first page. Don’t believe me? Take a look or Google it yourself.


Hill Country Blogging Program


It’s even ahead of such popular websites like Wikipedia and the CVB website for San Antonio! For questions or information on getting your own blog, please visit You can also contact our General Manager at or at 817-426-9395. This is cutting edge – start today.